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You've found it - The Lost Car Registry! If you're looking to find a car you wish you hadn't sold, you've come to the right place. We're a free, open forum dedicated to helping reunite people with a former beloved vehicle. While my personal interest is in reuniting musclecars of the '60s and '70s with former owners - owners who may have sold their cars prematurely and have since regretted it - this site is open to ANYONE interested in finding ANY former vehicle.

Surely you've heard someone say, "If only I hadn't sold that car! I wonder what ever happened to it?" or "I really miss my first car. I'd do anything to get it back. I wonder if it's even still out there." Perhaps you're the one who might have said it! If that sounds like you, take comfort, look around and start posting.


In The News

July 26, 2010

Earlier this year, The Lost Car Registry was able to help New York resident Guy Powell reconnect with the W-code 1967 Ford Fairlane he sold 40 years previously. Automotive journalist Jerry Heasley recently wrote about the find in the June 2010 issue of Modified Mustangs and Fords (see below). Special thanks to Cory Salter of Sleepy Hollow Kustoms in Bowman, ND, who first brought the car to my attention:

February 2, 2008

ABC's "Good Morning America" features a piece on The Lost Car Registry! And somebody get that guy in the photo a haircut! Click on the picture for a link to the video:

Recent Tales

August 29, 2009

Papa John's pizza chain founder John Schnatter (pictured below) recently paid a $250,000 reward for the location of the 1971 Chevrolet Camaro he sold 25 years ago to start his now famous pizza chain - that's a whole lot of anchovies! Read all about the incredible story here.


Nothing comes between a woman and her beloved car - just ask Rachel Veitch. Veitch has owned her 1964 Mercury Comet since it was new, and that was 540,000 miles ago! Click on the picture below to see the story of a woman and her special Chariot. Thanks to Jon Mack for sending in this story.


January 28, 2008

The Lost Car Registry has been all over the media lately - from print to radio, and more to come. Visit the News page for all the latest updates.


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Latest Posts
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# 6805 Posted:2012-01-02 09:37:37
1964 Yellow Buick Skylark 2 Door
Last seen: 1977 in Torrance CA
Sold to: Gas Station Owner

# 6804 Posted:2012-01-02 08:07:31
1984 White Ford Mustang GT350 Hatchback with 5 Speed.
Last seen: 2001 in Orinda CA
Sold to: Vince Riggio

# 6803 Posted:2012-01-02 07:55:49
1976 Medium Green Metallic Datsun 280z Hatchback with louvers, 5 speed.
Last seen: 1990 in Concord, CA

# 6802 Posted:2012-01-02 01:21:41
1998 blue and gold General Motors suburban 4 Door with everything except sunroof or leather.
Last seen: 2010 in puyallup, wa
Sold to: northwest motorsport in puyallup, wa

# 6801 Posted:2012-01-01 16:12:17
1968 Matador Red Chevrolet Camaro 2 Door with Standard Sport Coupe.
Last seen: 1981 in Wheaton, Il
Sold to: Don't remember

# 6799 Posted:2012-01-01 14:38:38
1954 Black Ford Customline 2 Door with Y-Block V8 OHV 239 HP Fordomatic.
Last seen: 2012 in San Diego, CA
Sold to: Steve Phillips

# 6796 Posted:2011-12-31 21:15:46
1958 Twilight Turquoise Mercury Turnpike Cruiser 2 Door with flat steering wheel, continental kit, lighted trunk ornament.
Last seen: 2005 in Maryland

# 6795 Posted:2011-12-30 18:32:36
1967 burgandy Pontiac GTO 2 Door
Last seen: 1971 in Orlando, Florida
Sold to: David McChesney

# 6794 Posted:2011-12-30 00:13:46
1965 White Chevrolet Corvette 2 Door with Coupe: 327 w 4 speed, side pipes, black interior.
Last seen: 1976 in North Plainfield, NJ
Sold to: Mike ?

# 6793 Posted:2011-12-29 20:31:59
1972 Yellow/ New color Candy Apple Red Ford Gran Torino 2 Door with 351 Cleveland Engine .
Last seen: 2004 in Near Austin, TX
Sold to: Ron

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- The Lost Car Registry grew out of a simple search for one vehicle - a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I - read all about the story behind this car, and its impact on the development of this site. -
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